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Discovering the Epping Forest –
Discovering the Epping Forest

Discovering the Epping Forest

After 6 months of break to trekking, I’m back on the field again :p We walked in Dublin at the Howth peninsula together with my friends before I left the country, it was 6th December last year. As usual, the view was stunning at Howth while Dublin was all under a thick fog. Dublin was so nice to me the last two days letting the sun shine in the middle of the winter.. Still, it was not an easy walk even though the path is quite ok. I had some back pain most probably because of packing my stuff. I didn’t listen to my body for another week in Turkey and my herniated disc hit me the hardest this time.

Thankfully, I’m recovering and I started to my daily walks in the parks since mid-April, which prepared me to go for a trekking. I chose Epping Forest Circular track not only it is relatively short, also it is easy to travel by overground. Friday was an off day in Google – thanks to our CEO Sundar Pichai – so I thought it is a great opportunity to go for trekking as it wouldn’t be crowded. The journey was ok, took around 1:30 hours (30 mins on foot) to reach. And I was lucky again, it was sunny. I really missed the tranquillity of forests, only hearing the wind through the trees and birds. The path I chose doesn’t exist on the maps of the park btw, so you better carefully follow where you are walking and you need to walk on the road for quite some time, of course it’s not a busy one.

I felt so nice and there are many reasons; my health being the first one, covid and the restrictions being eased, finally settling down in a place instead of living in temporary situations for 6-7 months, trying to find my routine in this new country and discovering its own beauties. And of course being in nature! All the memories were running through my mind, embracing the new ones.


alladola, 28th May 2021, London

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