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Tower of Babel – my puzzle passion –
Tower of Babel – my puzzle passion

Tower of Babel – my puzzle passion

I’ve been doing puzzles since 2010 I guess. Everything started with a birthday gift and I found out that I enjoy puzzle πŸ™‚ First 1000 pieces, then move to 1500 then 2000 and 3000.. different colors, themes and difficulty levels.. After I finish the puzzle, I use the puzzle glue (or conserver) and after it dries, I take it to a place to frame. Believe me, selecting the frame is more difficult than doing the puzzle 😆Some of them are still in Turkey with my furnitures.. Some of them are hanging on the walls of my few dear friends. ☺️ It’s a rare gift πŸ˜‰

Doing puzzle is like a therapy to me. I literally forget about everything except the pieces, their shapes, colors or the little clues on them.. To me it’s like cooking in the kitchen, or walking… Apart from this, it also helps me to learn “patience”. It’s a great tool for that. People know me that I’m a little bit impatient: things should be done quickly, with a click.. but not everything happens fast.. And those people who know me are surprised that I’m doing these challenging puzzles piece by piece.. I’m learning…

After 3 or 4 times of doing 3000 pieces of puzzle, I had to move to the next challenge! As you look for a larger puzzle, the options get lesser naturally, and I decided to go for the “Tower of Babel” with 5000 pieces. I think I bought this 3 years back, but I couldn’t carry it when I moved to Abu Dhabi. And the time arrived when I went home for the Christmas period this year. I prepared a 30 kg luggage (that I had to carry to India, then Dubai, then Dublin… a looong story…) with a lot of things I carried including my lego robot and this 5K puzzle.

The only part I don’t like about puzzle is to separate the pieces into buckets that are aligned with colors of the picture at the beginning. It is boring!!
After the separation, I started putting the puzzle pieces together with the sky, cause it was the smallest bucket I had, though I knew that it was going to be challenging and it happened. For the first time, I felt that this puzzle would never finish πŸ™‚ But patience and being determined are the keys.. And again for the first time, I ended up with two pieces that didn’t match the remaining two spaces 🧐 The shape of the pieces were exactly the same but the color was slightly different. It was obvious that I mis-used another two pieces. I found the first one easily, between the greens.. But for the second one, I had to go through the entire puzzle 4 times.. It was really tricky. Yet, I finished my puzzle (less than 3 months)

I also enjoyed creating this video.. I used a song that I never heard before: Elton John, Tower of Babel πŸ˜€ – “It’s party time for the guys in the tower of Babel”

Below are the four pictures that I took to see the pieces I mis-used, can you find them? πŸ˜€

alladola, Dublin, May 2020

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