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Hand pollination works ! :) –
Hand pollination works ! :)

Hand pollination works ! :)

Last week, I have watched some videos and learned how to pollinate my indoor plants: using a cotton swab πŸ™‚ You can read more here.

After that, I called my mum, told her how I made the pollination and asked her: “so what’s next ? and how am I going to understand that it worked?” She told me that the flowers will start crinkle and dry.. And I noticed the change in a few days. I continued to do the pollination every once in a while as the new flowers bloom.. This weekend I moved all my plants to the balcony as the weather gets better, and noticed that some of the flowers are turning into fruits: my little tomatoes 🍅🍅🍅 πŸ™‚

I also moved the cucumbers into big pots, they looked strong enough and I noticed that their root were so long.. I had some pepper and lemon seeds as well, I planted them this time, I’ll observe how they grow..

One issue that I need to figure out is the support for the long tomatoes.. I couldn’t find a string in the supermarket, and non-essential stores are all closed. I found some sticks while walking and tried to use them, I’m just not sure if they will work or not.. It’s either I’ll carry a little bit longer and thicker sticks (people may question me while carrying those πŸ™‚ ) or I’ll need to be more creative with the stuff at home… πŸ™‚ 👩🏻‍🌾

It’s so amazing to witness the nature, from a seed to a fruit.. 🍀🍀
I’ve already made my mind to turn my balcony into a small garden, hopefully things will get better soon and the restrictions will be eased a little bit..

The flowers drying:

My little tomatoes πŸ™‚

Cucumbers, spinach and basil in their new pots (one of them is a box for now)

alladola, 12th April 2020, Dublin

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