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Wild Forest Phoenix Park🦌 –
Wild Forest Phoenix Park🦌

Wild Forest Phoenix Park🦌

What a lovely sunny Saturday it was.. I decided to walk a little bit longer and in different places today.. I went up to the center of the park – to the monument, then walked upside till the small lake (not the Glen Pond, another one that doesn’t have a name – at least on maps), I saw some ducks and beautiful lotus leaves on the lake.. After that I turn my gears towards home and because I prefer walking on the grass instead of asphalt, I decided to walk behind the hospital like I did few times during the week days.. And it was the “moment” of this walking today. There were hundreds (literally hundreds) of deers on my path 🦌, and they didn’t run away, they just moved away the path cautiously and staring at me.. I felt like I’m in a safari and this place is just 2 kms away from me! Below is the video, pictures and the plot of the path as usual.. 🙂

It took 1:25 hours to complete this path – 8.7 kms.

alladola, 11th April 2020, Dublin

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