River Liffey and Phoenix Park together

River Liffey and Phoenix Park together

This time I wanted to try another thing! 🙂 I started my walking along the River Liffey and then went into the park through Chapelizod. I just had to walk a little bit through the city, till the park gate.. Also this time I walked around the St Mary’s Hospital.. Seeking to find out different routes as usual 🙂 This was a nice one, long enough for the weekend and I was able to listen to two episodes of the podcast I mentioned in my previous post ! The real 13 minutes that the lunar module of Apollo, and all the problems they faced and how they really landed.. Thrilling!! 🚀🧑🏼‍🚀

Back to walking 🙂 It was a quite nice track, took me 1 hour and 12 mins to complete.

alladola, 5th April 2020, Dublin

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