Further into Phoenix Park

Further into Phoenix Park

During this week, I went out for a walk in the Irish National War Memorial Park, it’s a little bit more handy and it has a slight incline so I feel I’m not walking on a easy path 🙂 As it’s weekend now, I wanted to extend my walk a little bit further in the Phoenix Park..

I went up to the lake that I’ve seen when I was cycling and then turned back through the meadowy place instead of the road. And today there were quite a lot people in the park, not like last weekend but definitely not like usual days too..

And this time I did something different. I do not prefer to listen to anything while walking to be able to absorb everything around, birds, colors, people, dogs, cyclists… or to be able to stay with myself as walking is a sort of meditation for me or talk to myself.. I discovered a podcast about the journey to the moon in 1969. “13 Minutes to the Moon” is a podcast prepared by BBC World Service and includes some epic stories how this mission was accomplished.. There are fascinating stories – definitely recommended..🧑🏼‍🚀🚀

Podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/13-minutes-to-the-moon/id1459657136

As usual, here is the plot of the path I walked. It took 1 hour, 18 mins.

alladola, 4th April 2020, Dublin

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