A sunny and an empty day in Dublin

A sunny and an empty day in Dublin

Today normally I was planning to go for a walk in Phoenix park with one of my colleagues and go up to Farmleigh.. Yesterday night he pinged me and told me that Ireland government has announced more restrictions to fight with Covid-19. Briefly, everybody must stay at home, with limited exceptions. People who works from home will be allowed to leave home to shop for food or exercise within 2km of their homes. My friend is a little bit away from Phoenix park, so we cancelled our plan.

I felt so lucky again that I’m living just next to Phoenix park. The weather forecast was showing a sunny weather so I didn’t want to lose this opportunity and decided to go by myself.. What could happen ?

Around 8 am, I went out, and it was almost empty apart from few cars. Then I noticed 2 Gardas at the gate of the park!!! 😯When I got closer, they asked me where I live, I told them just next to the bridge and they allowed me to go in and wished me a good day.

So you may wonder, what the point is in sharing this? I’ve been working from home for more than 2 weeks and I’ve also been hearing the numbers, and restrictions all around.. still in Dublin we were able to go out for certain situations like food or exercise.. We still can and I’m grateful for it, but it doesn’t change the fact that even this is limited… Talking to friends all around the world and learning what’s happening in their are definitely helps to understand the vitality of the situation, and I’ve already set my mind that this restrictions that are being extended for 2-3 weeks every time won’t be over till June or July… Still, seeing a Garda and querying me to confirm I’m in the 2 km range was shocking and made me realise again that this is not a joke that you’re staying at home…

After the Garda shock, I started to walk inside the park, in my regular route.. and yet another shock: it was an empty park! I hardly saw 3-4 people and that’s it.. Normally it is very crowded, full of people walking, running, cycling… I didn’t walk to much, around 45 mins and went out the park from the same gate just to help those guys that I wasn’t further down the Park, thinking that I might help :/

So briefly, it was a sunny and an empty day in Dublin this saturday..

alladola, 28th March 2020, Dublin

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