Yet another route in Phoenix Park

Yet another route in Phoenix Park

I’ve been going out for a walk / cycle every day since the “Work from home” announcement in IBM and I loved every opportunity to be out.. Tough today it was really hard to convince myself to go out.. the reason could be the gray cloudy sky – I know it’s not new here 🙂 Bu good thing is I pushed myself out and I walked in Phoenix park..Not a quite different route but I try to choose walking in the wood side, instead of the road.. and I found out interesting spots that I wasn’t aware of, around the places that I almost always walk whenever I go to Phoenix..

This time I was so close to some deers too – they run away when I was trying to get my phone out and take a picture..

Here is the route – 45 mins.

alladola, 21st March 2020, Dublin

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