Along the River Liffey

Along the River Liffey

I don’t know how I will remember these Coronavirus days few year later.. We hear the same everywhere, stay at home, wash your hands, keep social distance, wash your hands again.. Everywhere is closed, schools, courses, any public gatherings are cancelled.. The theater ticket offices either called me or sent me an email for the event cancellations and refunded my tickets… I’m hoping that things will get back to normal soon.. 🙏🏻

IBM also asked us to work from home, so since 13th March, I’m working from home.. I’m used to do this, yet I used to go out right after I close my laptop.. This time it is different so I push myself to go out everyday to walk, not to get lazy, to have some fresh air, to change my mood or to stay with myself for sometime.. And everyday I feel more grateful to be living close to two parks so that I can go out for a walk anytime easily..

Today I walked along the River Liffey , just next to my apartment. I discovered this place when I had my first (and last for now) hiking trip with a group that I joined in Meetup.. It’s location is so convenient. The pictures are not the best as it was after 6 pm, it was getting dark and the weather was cloudy.. Still it was a good walk – and I used the same track three times this week 🙂

There is the route –  it took around 45 mins.

alladola, 21st March 2020, Dublin

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