What an amazing sunset !!!

What an amazing sunset !!!

The National War Memorial Garden is just next to my apartment – like Phoenix Park 🙂 – and I heard that this garden becomes so lively and colorful in summer with flowers all around.. Even without flowers, it has its own characteristic view.. I feel like I’m walking around a country side in 17th or 18th century..

Today’s walk was different not only because of the location but also the amazing colors of the sunset! I had 3 laps around the park and at every lap the colors got more vivid.

Then I came across with the below news – it seems that at this time of the year it’s normal to see such sunsets as the sunset duration is longer and the sky has some clouds for the sun beams to play their game..
Why are we seeing such spectacular sunsets it’s all down to the light

www.plotaroute.com/route/1057058. –> It took around 42 mins.

alladola, 20th March 2020, Dublin

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