Back to planting 🍅

Back to planting 🍅

It’s been couple of years that I couldn’t plant anything in Abu Dhabi / Dubai.. The weather in Dublin is also not great to be honest, good for some vegetables like spinach, rockets etc but I really missed my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries.. briefly my small garden balcony back in Istanbul.

Few weeks ago, while looking for smth for home, I saw the gardening section of the store and couldn’t stop myself looking into it and this time they had seedlings not only seeds.. It was sign 😉 so I bought 4 of them – 2 different variety paying attention to have smaller ones as they’ll be grown indoors without enough sun in Ireland.. I also had to buy a pot and soil. So everything was ready and I planted them like below:

Last weekend, I wanted to explore this planting a bit more and bought some seeds and soil again.. There were some plastic small pots: I don’t think I should even name them as pots but small cubes for seeds to grow into seedlings before planting into pot. But I didn’t buy those as I remembered a video that I watched few years ago in Pinterest how to re-use things at home and you’ll see below that you can make use of the cylinder cardboard in the centre of toilet tissues 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

Today I spent some time on them, cut those cardboard into two to double the amount of cups to put seed, then filled them with soil and placed them in a baking tray.. Next I put some seeds (not deep , max half cm depth). I will try spinach, basil and cucumber.. I marked the cardboards so that I know which seedling will come out from which one. And they are ready.. I’ll watch them growing, it’s stunning to see the small seedling coming outand how it soil, water and sun bring life ! I remember my experience with a pumpkin seed in Istanbul, it was amazing. Good that I have shared it in instagram at that time 🙂

Ah btw, you can see how fast my tomatoes are growing. just in 2 weeks ! I shouldn’t forget to pollinate them by my hands – as there is no bee at home 🤪

alladola, 15th March 2020, Dublin

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