Finally I got my bike!

Finally I got my bike!

One of the first things I noticed in Ireland was the big amount of people cycling and almost all the roads have bike paths. And one of the first things I learned in Ireland is the tax free cycling program that IBM is also part of it!

With this program basically you don’t pay the tax part of the bicycle – the total cost of the bike (and other equipments) up to 1000€ is deducted from your gross salary so that the you don’t pay tax two times. It took some time to decide the bike I like, then get a quote from a bike store registered in the above program, share with IBM and get a voucher and finally the bike store will prepare the bike.. But finally I got my bike end of February. It’s a Trek FX-3 model red bike 🚴🏻‍♀️

I tried it in Phoenix park, also went to a mall not too far (though I had a small accident because of a Garda πŸ˜€ ) but I’m ok – just a small wound and a hole in my pants :p So I was ready for my big tour!

I decided to go to Howth again – my favourite place to escape πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to climb all the way to the top of the peninsula but I was determined. So 8:30 am I started my way, everything was ok. very less traffic not only because of a saturday morning but also Coronavirus I assume. So was easy to cycle on the road. When I reached to the marina, things started to change πŸ˜€ first it was ok, I gradually lowered the gear till 2×1 then to 1×1.. and was able to manage. Then my track in google maps started to show me some other routes, I was confused and I chose a different path (found out later).. still going low gear, small movement but I was still on the bike !! 💪🏻 Then that steep – no no too steep – ramp.. I was struggling between determined Hasibe and exhausted Hasibe.. and finally the later one won the game and I had to get off my bike.. even walking was so difficult – I walked around 200 meters. when it was back to normal, I got on my bike again, and trying to figure out where to go, thanks to google maps ! 😠I even went into a dead end. I wasn’t able to find the street that it was showing because it was not a street but a walking path – that most probably I have walked in november when I came to Howth the first time. I used that path – cycling on a road with tiny pebbles was not easy as well but I managed it. Then the rest was fine, mostly going down and down and down. I stoped at some point to get a picture as it was sunny and nice! and it’s also easy to stop when you are going down :p

I was thinking that ok; the toughest part is over so I’ll just cycle back home.. But it wasn’t the case, the wind was against me on the east coast of Dublin, I was also tired and that 20 mins lasted forever – breathless.. I was thinking about how big breakfast I’m going to prepare to motivate myself :p when I turned into city and was able to hide from the wind, things got back to normal.. Came back home and prepared a nice hot drink and a big omelette with mushroom ! πŸ™‚

I checked my record on Strava:
I think it was pretty good, with 17km avg – 2:30 hours and 43 kms ! It was a nice workout. I need to plan another one. 😊

alladola, 14th March 2020, Dublin

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