Hansel & Gratel

Hansel & Gratel

Two hungry children lost in a haunted forest.…..

I used to love the story of Hansel & Gratel when I was a kid. I don’t remember the details now and when I saw the show in Abbey theatre 2 or 3 weeks ago, I thought it would be nice.

The stage was strange at first sight, two floors of a building with a “hotel” sign and a box (like a phone box) with “vacancies” sign.. I couldn’t envision how these elements will combine with the story that I remember.
The small orchestra on the left side was the meaning of live music, which cheered me in advance.

The show started with an interesting way of welcoming the band. Couple of minutes later two kids and their mother came and naturally I thought they are the Hansel & Gratel. In an weird way they were gone through a secret door in the middle of the stage.. Then another family came, with two kids (this time they were adults in kid role) holding two luggages marked with Hansel and Gratel 🙂 Then they started to sing (yes sing, not talking it was smth an opera, I wasn’t aware of it to be honest). I was confused thinking about the other kids, why they showed up at the beginning meanwhile trying to catch up with the show by checking the subtitles on the left and right. :))

After some time I sorted out how they used the stage as a hotel, haunted forest, and the witch’s gingerbread house.. At the end of the show, those two kids who showed up the first were saved when the witch died, happy ending! 🙂

Abbey Theater’s below page has couple of pictures and videos. I don’t know if this page will be available as it is a what’s on page.. So I copied couple of pics or videos in below section.

It’s definitely worth seeing it. ☺️

alladola, 14th Feb 2020, Dublin

***************** From Abbey Theatre Page *****************

Trouble at home. Two hungry children lost in a haunted forest.

The lure of a gingerbread house. The frightening hocus pocus of the predatory Witch. And the smarts of the children who triumph in the end… all wrapped up in the delicious sound world of Engelbert Humperdinck’s operatic masterpiece.

One of the greatest operas about children, Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel is sweet and beguiling, combining childlike simplicity with heart-aching beauty.

Irish National Opera, Theatre Lovett and the Abbey Theatre collaborate on this compelling three-act opera, reimagined in a mysterious modern setting.

Don’t be fooled. This is a story of greed and starvation, mouth-wateringly sugar-coated.

Sung in English with English subtitles.


there is flamboyance, playfulness and imagination, all enthusiastically generated by Theatre Lovett’
The Irish Times

‘[the] singing, music, and performances are just sublime’
The Arts Review

‘one of the sweetest yet most lushly captivating scores in the entire operatic repertory’
The New York Times

Audience Reaction


Some pictures

Company Interview

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