Bray Cliffs – A Sunny Sunday Hiking

Bray Cliffs – A Sunny Sunday Hiking

I woke up early this sunday and looked at the weather forecast to confirm if it’s going to be sunny enough to go for hiking otherwise I was going to walk in the Phoenix park.. But I had the good news ! It was going to be sunny and no clouds ! ☀️☀️☀️🤭 (ps: I count the slightly cloudy days as sunny since I moved here 😅)

I didn’t have enough time to plan a detailed hiking and also a far location. I looked at some comments, location, distance and the map and decided to go to Bray Cliffs. Below are the links for two hiking routes but I did something between them, I haven’t walked till Greystone and I haven’t changed my path on the cliff..

Here is my route: , almost 10 kms, definitely not difficult.

The amazing part of this hiking was its location and the weather. It was a path just on the mountainside and sea. Walking along the cliffs, the sun shining on your face, being far away from the city in silence and seagulls accompanying you.. what else would you want ?

And here is a video to feel the day and the walk like I did:

Closer to Greystone, the cliff was over and the beach started. I tried to access the beach part but there was no place to go down the steep at the point I took the picture below.. And at that place I decided to go back..

I was almost at the parking spot when I heard some noise. I looked around there was nothing. Then I look down the cliff and saw 3 seagulls, singing to each other 😀 I watched them some time..

After the walk was over, I went to a new place called Avoca (Avoca Kilmacanogue) to sit and read my book while having a breakfast that I deserved. I found this place while going through the web pages about the hiking places. I was thinking that it is a nice cafe restaurant but it turned out to be a grocery store as well, along with some home stuff, clothes. It was a lively environment, they bake and sell almost anything, there were some interesting things to try like different sauces or tea etc. I liked these kind of boutique places. They even had a garden section ! And I couldn’t hold myself buying a flower 🙂 I had my shopping and then sit and ate smth.
(Note: I later learned that Avoca has multiple branches in Ireland and one of them is 5 mins drive away from office 🙂 )

Today was so relaxing and rewarding.. But this wasn’t the end of the day! While going back home, it rained a bit – no surprise. And you know what happens when it rains on a sunny day: rainbow! It was gorgeous 🌈

What can I say more about this sunday 🍀☀️🥰

alladola, 2nd Feb 2020, Dublin (Bray)

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