Hiking at Howth – Bog of Frogs Loop

Hiking at Howth – Bog of Frogs Loop

I wanted to go for hiking this weekend but didn’t want to travel for long again like I did the last time to Tintern Trails. Though I’ve been to Howth once and hiked there in November, I decided to give a try with a longer path: it’s called Bog of Frogs Loop: https://www.irishtrails.ie/Trail/Howth—Bog-of-Frogs-loop/110/ . The comments were appealing 🙂

Saturday night I looked at the weather forecast and saw that it’s gonna be sunny from sunrise till 11. So I was on my way around 8am. While going to Howth, I noticed a very cute cafe very close to Saint Annes Park, and I decided to stop by here after hiking, I was sure that I would be hungry.. I started walking at 8:33 am. It was still darkish, as I was behind the hill.

I was able to remember the places from my previous hiking, though this time I was following the path correctly, not from opposite side 😀 I started to climb the hill.. The sun started to show itself.. and… the first meeting with the sun was fabulous with the clouds like cotton!!

The sun shining on my face, I walked through the tight trails on the hillside. It was the sound of the waves and my footsteps only..

When I came near the lighthouse, though the path was showing to go straight, I didn’t want to pass this beauty and changed the path to go closer it. Unfortunately there was a gate and I wasn’t able to go next to it, the view was stunning !

I continued through the hill side leaving the lighthouse behind.. The trail started to change, more greener, sometimes with steps..

Once I’ve finished the path within the coast , I started to return through the forests. I was able to see the connection of the peninsula. The track was going through the golf course, and the grass on the field was so bright and gorgeous!

I completed the track in 2:42 hours. I think it was a great achievement! As it was mentioned in the Irish Trails comments, this hiking trail had mix of everything from easy paths, tight trails with steps, forest part, golf course and amazing views. And of course I was starving !! So I drove along the bay till the cafe I saw in the morning. I was a bit hopeless to be able to find a seat as it was really crowded. Still I wanted to give it a try. The waitress asked me to wait couple of minutes and I was thinking that I’m ok to take a table at a corner but my luck !!! 🍀
The waitress showed me the table that I saw in the morning, looking towards the bay and sun was shining on the table…

I felt so happy, took my book and started to look at the menu. And guess what ? I saw “menemen” in the menu! It’s a meal from Turkish cuisine, generally preferred in the breakfast but you can have it any time of the day. It’s sort of scrambled egg with tomato, peppers. Some put onion, cheese.. there are so many variations. I didn’t look at the rest of the menu of course, ordered menemen and enjoyed my breakfast, my book, and my sun..

This sunday treated me very well! 🍀☀️🥰

alladola, 19th Jan 2020, Dublin

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