It’s cold but sunny!

It’s cold but sunny!

It’s been almost a month that i was away from Dublin. And I look forward to the weekend and go for a walk in the Phoenix park. I knew there was going to be some sun in the morning but I didn’t expect to see the green fields in white ! It was 1-2 degrees and there was white frost all around.

Still I didn’t change my mind, started my way but thinking that I’ll walk the same route like the previous one.. When I was about to turn to the bendy road that I like, I saw a very nice path going in the opposite direction. Of course I did change my mind and explored a bit more. I think next time, I will go directly here instead of going around the field to go further..

The route took 59 mins. Here it is:

alladola, 18th Jan 2020, Dublin

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