Another route in Phoenix Park

Another route in Phoenix Park

This Friday, I had a look at the weather forecast and saw that Saturday will have some sun, but Sunday will be all rainy.. So I woke up on a Sunday morning with the mood that I’ll stay at home.. not that I won’t enjoy it, but I even skipped my morning walk.

It was a dark and a rainy morning. I was reading my book, and around 9:30 the environment started to get brighter and brighter.. When I looked out, I saw the sun ! I was so surprised, rushing to my phone to check the weather and noticed that there will be a bit sun for an hour. I changed my clothes, looked at the map about there to go in Phoenix park, considering the road I have cycled the previous week, and went to the park.

What a lovely walking it was !! I saw the famous deers of Phoenix – so many of them. It rained of course, no wonder how 🙂 And when I came back home, it got darker and poured again. Looking at the pictures below, I feel that I made a good decision !

Here is the route:

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