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Howth – A short hiking –
Howth – A short hiking

Howth – A short hiking

Howth is a place; a peninsula, for hiking that one of my colleagues mentioned to me for quick plans. Close to city, and also very colourful.. There are couple of different routes, and I chose the one below, for around 2 hours.

Actually it wasn’t really planned.. This Sunday I booked an appointment to see a car (I was planning to buy one, but I think I will rent for some more time.. another story..) and after that I wanted to use the chance to have the sun. It’s not that common since I came to Dublin.

I started from the Howth train station up to the hill. After some time I noticed that I was following the route in opposite direction, but didn’t matter. While walking, I noticed a green field on my right side, couldn’t stop myself and went through a short jungle and there I was: all green ! But I had a route so, I found a tricky way (had to climb a bit) to come back to the route.. After going through the houses, I finally reach to the top of the hill. It was so nice to feel the sun on my skin, to have a green surrounding covered with blue sky with some clouds that creates a colourful design..
At some point, I stopped and sat on a rock to listen to the sea and enjoy the sun.. How much I missed it! And I knew that it was going to rain again in couple of hours..
Then I saw the lighthouse. The view was stunning, especially when the route had a turn and went closer to the sea on the hillside.. It trigger all the memories in Turkey…

Below there are some pictures and a short video – just to show how amazing it was.. I shall try the other routes here.. and should end that hiking with a fish and chips :p—Cliff-Path-loop/107/

alladola, 2nd Nov 2019, Dublin

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