First day in Ireland

First day in Ireland

I want to start with my last day in Dubai.. I couldn’t imagine that it would have been that hard.. I was thinking what would be the last things that I want to do in Dubai.. And I decided two things:
1. Watching the sunset (at crescent of Palm Jumeirah)
2. Have a dinner in my favourite Turkish restaurant.

My flight was early morning, so I couldn’t sleep, and spent the last hour driving around. The Jumeirah road was still crowded though it was 2 am.. It is Dubai!!

I reached to airport around 4:30 am, to be on the safe side.. I left my luggages and was about to enter the passenger area but I was stopped because my cabin luggage was heavy 🙂 I didn’t know what I should do, cause my other luggages were gone. So I opened it, put on my jeans on top of my leggings (in the middle of the airport, true!), put on my sweater, jacket and raincoat, put some small but heavy things in my pockets.. So I got few kgs :))) Luckily the second time I was able to pass, but I’m sure they have noticed it..

It was one of the most difficult travels.. not because of turbulence of course. I didn’t know what to expect from Ireland. I couldn’t have the chance to have my look&see trip before moving. So it was going to be the first time in Dublin and all I heard was rain, cold, green, beer, bars at every corner, friendly people..

So here how Ireland welcomed me !! With a sunny sky 🙂 Amazing isn’t it ? But……

As I have been told, the weather changed unexpectedly (or maybe expected). The whole sky was full of clouds and it started to rain ! :/ and after 15 mins, the clouds were gone and the sun was shining again.. That’s when I have experienced the often and quick weather changes.

There are so much more to see and learn about Ireland..

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