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Zipline through Dubai Marina –
Zipline through Dubai Marina

Zipline through Dubai Marina

After the world’s longest zipline in Jebel Jais, I waited for the company to open the 7 ziplines but no luck.. So me and my friend (Islam) decided to try the other Zipline in the middle of the city, Dubai Marina..

I was quite comfortable, having an idea on what to expect also a bit underestimating the new experience 🙂 in the end I’ve done the longest one before and it was super fast.

This zipline was between one of the high buildings in Marina (almost all of them are and the Marina Mall. When we came up the building, the view was stunning! I’ve been to Marina multiple times, but this one was totally different. The same during the flight. It was short 😀 but was a fun experience. Another tick in the UAE to-do list 🙂

I’m kinda getting used to the zippiness :p

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