A new adventure: World’s Longest Zipline

A new adventure: World’s Longest Zipline

I’ve been looking at the list of “things to do in UAE” few weeks back with one of my friend and I noticed that it’s been 2 years that I’m in this country but I still haven’t done few things like cycling in the middle of the desert for 46 kms 🙂 or going kayaking in Hatta Water Dam.. I enjoyed them both – I think I should write posts about them too…
Another thing that we found was the zipline.. There are 3 options: one in Dubai Marina, one in Burj Khalif and the other one was in Ras Al Khaimah.. We decided to go to the mountain of Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah cause it was cheaper 😀 and also the longest in the world.. You may know that here in UAE the things must be the biggest, the tallest, the longest, the most of everything 🙂
So we added this item in our “to-do” list and tried to arrange a time but we had to postpone it for 3 times, because of many different issues. And myself, Mohamed (my friend) and Mahmod (his friend) agreed to go this weekend..

It was around 2:30 hours of journey from Dubai.. First it was kind of boring, through the desert but when we reached to the mountains, whole scenery has changed.. The road was crooked while climbing the mountain, the mountains around were in different shapes and layers.. We had our mouths open being the desert people, don’t have the change to see this type of view often 🙂

When we reached to the station, we were briefed about the next steps, they prepared us with the technical wearings and we got on the shuttle to go to the place to start our flight.. There, we were briefed again about details like our position, security, brake system, and the second part of the flight cause the platform we were going to land was not attached to a mountain or a piece of earth, it was a platform build on wires and we had to have a second part of the journey – a shorter one.. So once we have learned everything, we were ready to go.. First my friends went and then I…

Long story short, it was amazing, adventurous, crazy, breathtaking… You can see it in the videos 🙂 First one is my friends – to see how we are prepared.. And then myself – to feel the whole adventure..

On our way back, we had a chance to chat with the people who work there and learned that they were opened around 1,5 years back and they had more than 32 thousand people running through this flight. Woow!! At the high season – which is winter time here in UAE – they reach up to 250 people per day. We were thinking that there wouldn’t be this many crazy people around. And now Toroverde company is investing on alternatives.. There will be a new line that will be opened in a few weeks: it is 7 ziplines like zig zags across the mountains!!! And a bungee jumping is coming soon too.. Looking fwd to it in advance 🙂

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