Back to Abu Dhabi

Back to Abu Dhabi

The second part of the agile Varanasi has started very early: 5:30 AM. Before we left the hotel I did my check out and told the staff to bring my luggage at 7:30 am so that I don’t lose any time for the airport. Just in case.. This is India.


The boat trip was amazing. It was still the same Varanasi, same Ganga Ma, but a totally different feelings. Morning praying was more modest and nicer. There was only one priest praying and one bell. No music, no chaos. There were a lot of priests around that the people were sitting with them and praying for their ancestors wither using their ashes or only pray. There were people bathing, or cutting hairs, praying as a group..

We took the boat and this time went to the upstream of Ganga Ma. The sunrise was wonderful, the temples were lightened with sunlight were nicely. The people were bathing in the river, some were washing their cloths, some were praying.. There were a lot of temples and a lot of ghats.. (the total number of ghat in Varanasi is 84 but of course we did not see them all. It is a 7km long coast) I think we enjoyed this trip more than the evening one but all of them are an experience. When I go bac, I will watch a documentary about Varanasi. It will be very nice to see these places and think that I was there and walking on the ghats. When we went back to the hotel, the car that would take me to the airport was waiting for me. I asked my luggage, went to the restaurant to take some fruits, checked my things for the last time and… Time to say good bye.

I could not keep my tears. And I don’t want to write about this otherwise I am going to cry again :))


Now I’m at the Delhi Airport, writing my last post for the CSC experience..


I found and learned a lot more than I expected in this one month.

CSC.. It is an amazing experience.. I do believe that as we take from life we also need to giveback and I had the chance to do it.

India.. It is a different country but definitely worthy to come and feel it. It is colourful, it is lots of flavours, it is hospitality and sharing and giving.. It is my childhood.. It is crowded, noisy, a mess.. It is love: Agra.. It is spiritual: Varanasi.. But it is also poverty, dirty, somehow lost..  Though, there is still hope..

IBM Team.. We became like a family.. I learned a lot from them all, hope I was able to share few things too. And I know there will be some lifelong friendships..

Shramik Bharti.. The ambition, stability, willingness, open-heart, sharing, giving, embracing.. Another family..

Women.. Again colourful and cheerful.. How confident they were!! I loved to look into their eyes and see the sparks.

There were difficult times of course. But in the end, I am leaving this country content with a smile on my face, and a full pockets.


This is the end of the CSC but the starting of a new journey in my life!


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alladola, 18th March 2018, Delhi

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