Last 4 in Kanpur

Last 4 in Kanpur

In the morning 9 of us has left Kanpur. It was very emotional, like leaving friends that we have known for years. We started the day with the final swimming meeting, and then at breakfast, Landmark hotel did a very nice surprise: a chocolate cake with a “See you soon” message. We used the last 30 mins to go through the excel file and the Cognitive and Analytics documents and asset factory with Stephen. Then I rushed to prepare some seeds for the team, and then rushed outside to buy a small gift (a sweet of Kanpur) for everybody, then a photo of passports of each one of us. Everything was like squezed in an hour 🙂 And final minutes talking, hugging, taking selfies and sharing the last “face to face” words cause we will definitely keep in touch. And they are all gone. Landmark was so empty..


We went out to do a few final things in Kanpur, like: buying fabrics cause I loved the idea to build a blanket with different piece of cloths, taking the sari that Wayne has asked to be prepared for his mother and sister, sending postcards for my family and friends back in Turkey.. The post office story was again funny. First we went upstairs to buy postcards, 10 postcard 5 rupees (amazing), then I wrote them all in front of the place where I can send them. While waiting in the queue, I saw the list of 20-30 countries that you can send a letter and how much it costs but Turkey was not there :/ When it was my turn, I did not expect that we will wander inside the building again 😀 The man did not know the process, so another man tried to help us. He took us to some places where we saw a lot of men just sitting and doing nothing except chatting.. And finally after talking to 4-5 more people, we came back to the same location and they put a stamp and it was done.. They did not ask any money cause the postcards are send without a tracking number. I do not know if they will be received in 15 days but I only spend 2 rupees 🙂


Although it was a bit lonely, it was a necessary day for all of us, to stay a bit by ourselves, observer some of the moments, prepare luggages and get some rest cause it will be a two days of travel and on Monday I need to start working. (I don’t want to think about it until Sunday night :D) When I was getting prepared for the CSC trip in February, I put a cabin luggage inside my luggage cause I know that I will buy a lot of things from India and I was quite right about it. I With the cabin luggage I fit into them very easily.. Good decision. After I’m mostly done I went to the bazaar again to do a mehendi. I started with mehendi and I wanted to end it the same. This time the figures was not arabic but a traditional hindu designs. I loved it.


There was another restaurant in the hotel that we have never gone Cawnpore. We heard that it is one of the best in Kanpur and we decided to use this last dinner chance with it. The food was so delicious again, we had dal, vegetable chat and paneer. (Oh my god, I’m really learning the Indian cuisine 🙂 ) and the day was over for another small travel to Varanasi !!! One of the ancient city !!  I’m really looking fwd to it.


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alladola, 16th March 2018, Kanpur

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