The last day with the whole team

The last day with the whole team

and yes, we came to the last day..

We were both very proud because of the achievement, but though we have loved ones back in our countries, it is also a bit sad that we were like a family here..

In the morning we planned to go to Shramik Bharti and take a cake with us to celebrate and say a “thank you” again for everything. We ordered the cake, asked them to write “Friends Forever” both in english and hindi, and then went shopping together with Natalia and Angela. We were free until 3pm, the closing meeting’s start time . Andreas did want to use every chance with Jitendra and the team so he went to Shramik Bharti again. After buying a few things, we wanted to walk through the local bazaar on the street that we saw everyday and we had the experience of crossing the street again ๐Ÿ˜€ But this time I recorded it .. We can easily see how confident we are, I cannot compare it with our first day in Kanpur ๐Ÿ™‚


We were lucky that everybody was there in the office and we cut the cake all together and we ate it all together with the big team. We met new people who worked on the water protection, they worked in the village that we have seen in the community service day. We noticed that the Shrami Bharti team was a lot bigger than we thought.

Then I saw Sadhna preparing something again. But this time it was something that we have asked the previous day.: organic seeds!!! She made my day again. Beans, eggplant, chilly, cucumber and pumpkin. I missed my small “kitchen garden” that I used to have when I was in Istanbul. I showed a lot of photos yesterday and I remembered how much I enjoyed it at those times. These organic seeds will be a new beginning.

We agreed to meet at hotel Landmark and left the office to change our clothes and be in red again ๐Ÿ˜€ The meeting has started a bit late like anything in India ๐Ÿ™‚ but at least we had some people from each client. Btw, while waiting the people, I was talking to Ganeshgi and he asked me if I can support them about the application that they need for future. Without saying any word. he directly opened his house or Sadhana’s house to me to stay whenever I had time to come and visit too.. How kind and openhearted he was! How could I say no.. We will see whaat the life will bring, but I feel I will come to India again.

The meeting has started, Kavneet made an introduction, all the teams has presented their project in a shorter time and all of them were very great jobs. I was so proud of CSC37 team. Then VSO team had a deck to show the overall status with some shocking numbers how much impact we created. There were some pictures form this journey too. Agra for example. It was 3 weeks ago but I felt like 2 months.. The first day in Lucknow with orientation, then the first meetings with our clients.. Time really flies.

The meeting has ended with some more team pictures and an internal feedback session. And most of us rushed to our rooms to write a small note for each of us that we promised to complete in last weekend’s standup meetings. Tamara had come up with this idea: we will take a piece of paper and complete a sentence like “What I appreciate in you is …” or “I acknowledge that you …”. I have written some but could not complete and I had to work on it a bit more.. I had to leave 2-3 more to night after the last team dinner with VSO and Thomas. It was a nice dinner and it became much better when Anju taught us Indian dance. She was a great dancer !! We just tried to catch up with her.. Still it was so fun !!


After such a long day, I sat at my desk completed my texts and wrote them on the postcards that I bought last week (unfortunately I had only 8 of them, not enough for all)ย  with the Gandhi stamps ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope they will like it and I am so curious about mine. Tomorrow we will take our envelopes. :)))

Tomorrow is also a day that is hard to define the feelings, sad because most of the team is leaving the city, exciting because we will go to Varanasi the next day, challenging cause 2 days later work is going to start and I am not in the mood…


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alladola, 15th March 2018, Kanpur

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