What a day!!!!

What a day!!!!

Yes, it was such a day!! With interesting discussions, being excited about the meeting and the reactions we will get from VSO, IBM and Shramik Bharti of course, emotional moments with the Shramik Bharti team, burst with pride but also being sad because of the inevitable end, delicious food  -as always-, meeting one of the most important women empowerment role model of Kanpur: the major, and all the things that SB gives not physical things, but also their feelings.. It was a very tiring day!!

It started with our meeting with Dr. Alok in his own place. We met with Sadhana, Rashmi and Jitendra in front of his place. And we sit and chat about an hour again about everything. from topic to topic. We talked about religon, history of India, how the history is written, science, different aspects of development, sometimes touching to Gandhi. Dr Alok also gave a recommendation about our Varanasi trip on Saturday (we will go there with Lisa, Angela and Wayne), to quit the highway in Allahabad city on our way and go through it at least to see this historical place too. We will ask it to our tour guide, we can be start even an hour earlier.

It was a very full but also a short one hour. Then we went to Shramik Bharti office.  Cause in a 2-3 hours our presentation was going to start. At these times, Jal Nigam (the other project) team was doing their presentation and Thomas and VSO team was attending that presentaiton.

When we came to Shramik Bharti (as usual) Sadhana has arranged food for us. A few days ago I mentioned about the sweet that I watched in the movie Lion and I saw how they do it in India when we were in the Pandip restaurant last week. And of course she ordered that one: Jalebi. It was hot and crispy and of course delicious!! The way how they do it was very similar to the “halka tulumba” desert we have in Turkey. It is a syrup soaked pastry. We got our energy for the presentation. We prepared everything: projector, sund, we have gone through all slides to see if everything works fine. Of course we closed the door so that nobody comes in. At some point Sadhana / Rashmi came and of course we were panic and changed the screen immediately 😀 We really did not want them to see the striking points in the deck.

After all controls we changed our clothes and wore our red kurtas and put our bindis. Now we were also ready for our shows :p and went to the garden to take some team pics..

Meanwhile, Sadhana brought a red kurta for Andreas (she is so kind to think of all these details and she is such a giving person! There will be more and more examples of it.) Now the team was full! At the same time, a lady came to Sharmik Bharti. She was looking so intimate. With the first look, I felt something with her. And Sadhana introduced her. Se was the co-founder of Shramik Bharti !!! Usha.. She was looking so deep inside, she was so cute and blessed. And you also feel blessed when she touches you, when she looks in your eyes, when she holds your hand. She was a teacher and she thought of helping people at those days, thirty years ago. And Usha and Mr Ganesh have established Shramik Bharti together. It was so lucky and also such a coincidence to have her here in Kanpur cause normally she lives in Mumbai.

After some time, Kavneet, Diptee and Thomas came and we started our presentation. Angela started with a small speech in Hindi, and the show began. We talked about our review of the business plans, design thinking session, shop opportunity and the sales numbers, B2B plans and recommendations, our strongest and the part that we are most proud of: branding and their applause after telling how we come up with the idea and how we put these ideas together, then the demand supply topic with the excel file and a demo, some more recommendations… When I was talking about the IT road map I was just about to talk about Block Chain and the electric has gone 😀 It was a sign for Jitendra!!  (There is a story behind this of course. Since the project has started this Block Chain topic is famous and when I joined the team, it is opened again. I searched about it a bit and I was able to convince Jitendra that it is too early for them for now. Still I did put it in the roadmap..). After all slides, we put a video that summarizes our CSC journey in 2 minutes. It was full of a lot of important moments for us, from beginning to end, from the field trips to community service day, from the design thinking session, to the food that we ate in Shramik Bharti..

And then it was the most difficult part. Our stand up (like our daily meetings) in front of them to share our feelings, ideas and the wow moment in CSC. We asked Jitendra to join us as well. It was so hard to speak. Natalia could not start because she was crying, Andreas started then Natalia then Angela.. And I all their speech made it more and more difficult for me to speak. It was one of the hardest talking that I did. Then Jitendra.. He made me blushed by saying that it was his wow moment when he saw the excel file with the most of the necessary functions in 2-3 days.. It was confirmed that I really did my job and I really contributed. What else can I ask for that??

They loved the logo that we proposed, they liked the excel file and how it will help them, they liked every detail that we put into together in the presentation and also the documentation and the final video..

Kavneet has congratulated us, and asked Mr Ganesh to share his opinions. Mr Ganesh has made a very touching speech about women, about NGOs, about our contribution, about CSC.. I really cannot tell how we felt about these wonderful words. Everybody has shared their opinions including Mr Rakesh, Rashmi, Jitendra, Thomas except Sadhana. She did not say anything but her eyes were speaking.





After that we had some more team pictures and has rushed to another meeting with mayor. It was very nice to meet her and discuss about our projects, our questions about Kanpur, women empowerment, environment and cleanness of Kanpur etc etc. She seems to be a very responsible person. She was also very kind to invite us for a trip tomorrow but we were already booked with other stuff (AWARD team has their final presentation and the closing meeting with all teams and the clients..) They offered us indian chay and a yellow cake which I can say the only thing that I did not like in India 🙂

After this meeting, we went back to hotel, had a very quick stand up meeting and get prepared for our dinner with Shramik Bharti team. It was close to our hotel and we walked there. Mr Ganesh (I started to call him Ganeshgi, gi is an addition to the names that is used for the people older than you to show respect), Sadhana were already there. While we were waiting the others, she gave Angela, Natalia an dmyself a present.. We were so grateful how considerate she was. She bought pasminas with the colors that shows us, for Angela it was a pastel color, for Natalia it was a very sift green and for me it was of course colorful.. After some time Mr Rakesh, Devesh, Jitendra and Rashmi also joined us and the food feast has started.. Dal, naan, cottage cheese, cooked vegetable.. It was delicious.. And of course while chatting, some new things are also confessed 😀 how the project has been discussed with VSO, how they reacted about the news of a new team member in the middle of the project etc etc.. And then Sadhana came to the stage again!! They bought each of us a bedlinen.. Ganeshgi has stand up and opened the bed sheet to show it. We were all speechless !!! We were so thankful.. It is cultural we know but Shramik Bharti team is a lot more than that.. They share, they give all the time.. They are so considerate that I do not know what to say.

It was such a full day.

And I feel and I know that I am so blessed to have all these people around me.

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alladola, 14th March 2018, Kanpur

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