We are ready for final presentation

We are ready for final presentation

It is the last day before our final presentation, and there are a few things missing. First we have gone through the presentation again to check the spelling errors and final controls.. then Andreas went to client, Angela and Natalia worked on the shorter version of the presentation for the overall review of the CSC project that will happen on thursday and I focuses on the documentation for the mini excel system.

I write and write and write. I went into too many details, every column in every sheet, name manager, data validation, the formulas, indexes, the logic behind the warning mechanism… It is like it will not end. But all my team liked it a lot!! When Andreas came, he told me about the idea that he has how to make the logo more professional. We worked on it a bit more with paint and ppt capabilities and it became a lot way better!! after some more effects, we had a very good show on the branding topic. Then I gave a break and with our shopper expert (Stephen) we went to the local bazaar just across the street to buy some fabrics for Stephen. Do not underestimate the location of the bazaar, crossing the street in India, especially if there is no traffic lights physically, is not an easy task but we enjoyed a lot. Next time I will take a video.

The bazaar was a totally different world with very narrow streets (actually spaces between the sellers), and all sellers has closed their top with some type of cloth that it is all shadowy. And because of no open area and dust on the land (it was not asphalt) it was difficult to breath. Still the stores were all colorful and we found a place that has hundreds of fabric with dozens of types for Stephen. It was difficult to decide which one to buy 🙂

After this quick break, I continued on the documentation and finally!!! It was also done. We were all ready for the final presentation tomorrow. 🙂 It obviously gives a relief..

Today was our last chance to have a team dinner with 13 of us cause tomorrow we will have a dinner with Shramik Bharti and the next day it will be a dinner with VSO.. And we did a small difference and sit by the pool of the hotel, The food was nice, the discussions were so fun. Except the mosquitos, it was a nice dinner.

Woww.. I cannot believe that 4 weeks of CSC is ending. Tomorrow is the day!! And we are pretty sure that Shramik Bharti will be satisfied with all the output. (We did not share the details with them on friday when we were reviewing to keep few things as a surprise 🙂 ) I’m so excited..


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alladola, 13th March 2018, Kanpur

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