Almost there

Almost there

The last two days passed working on the presentation content, document creation, excel “system”, video, pictures, IBM deliverables, a quick training on the excel to the client… with the same attention from each of us, line by line, word by word, chart by chart we check what we will deliver to Shramik Bharti. It’s because we appreciate what they have achieve until now, and being a very small part of their improvement is a indescribable.

I don’t want to be unfair to my team and what we have done so far. But I wanted to share a moment of today.  We went to client for the excel training and we went through all sheets, the logic behind, what they can achieve with the file, and explained them that it is a good starting point for them to understand their daily requirements more. And they liked it a lot. It does not matter what they have said, I could se that in their eyes… Even they did not ask for more cause it is much more than what they have expected. For me, it is just a few tricks with excel capabilities. I feel so comfortable now that I really did smth to help them. It was my achievement.

It is not only this of course. At every opportunity, Shramik Charti team appreciates any support, any piece of information we provide and the value we bring to them.. What kind of a result can be better than this ???


We are almost there. Tomorrow we will complete the remaining bits and pieces and do a presentation practice. Then we are done for Wednesday Final Presentation..

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alladola, 12th March 2018, Kanpur


PS: I cannot complete this post without talking about the hospitality in India and all friends around us. Dear Diptee has spent hours for us on her weekend to cook traditional Indian food and took them to the hotel. The food was so delicious of course, no doubt on that but her kindness was the most important thing to me.

And Sadhana… She is always so considerate. Today she came up with bindis that is made by women again. She bought two sets of bindis to five of us in CSC team, not only Shramik Bharti team. It was again so nice of her..

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