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Is it the end of 3rd week ? –
Is it the end of 3rd week ?

Is it the end of 3rd week ?

The third week has ended too.. Time flies..  Today started with yoga again 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ And after working on our presentation, we went to our client to review the content of it.

We wanted to go through it to check if there is any wrong understanding, if they are happy about the deliverables etc. Like Angela’s definition, the deck was a taste of what we are going to share with them on Wednesday. Cause we removed the best parts of the information that we are going to provide them at the end of the project 🙂 There should be some small surprises, isn’t it ?

The meeting was very good, it lasted around an hour and all the members of the client appreciated the work. They were very happy, so as we were. Now we have a few more stuff to complete before the final presentation day: we need to update a few more things in the excel file (a kind of small application), write a document, finalize the presentation with the fancier look, create a 15 mins version of it for the project closure meeting etc. We can easily handle them on monday and tuesday.

In the evening we all went to the bazaar to wonder around and also to buy some more pasminas for friends. The streest are so colorful.. See the changes in the definitions that I use for the country 🙂 Still it is crowded and noisy but I think I get used to. I can see the different small details within this crowd, little kids, the people who is working on the street, how they paint the cloths, the sun shien through that crowded street, the clothes that are all pinky because of holi, the tangled electric cables…

With Andrew, we stoped at the post office too. I wanted to send some postcard but in the mall I could not find a place that sells a simple Indian postcard. They told me to go to the post office (which is across the mall). But the people really does not know english. Aca, tike and then nothing 😀 The man sent us to the 2nd floor, but the door was locked. Then we went to the first floor and the person we saw it is the correct floor. But it was not. The new perosn we met took us inside the working place and we did a very big tour within the building and went to the ground floor. We passed in front of a place that we thought it can be a bank cash desk long back when the Britannia was the ruler… It was looking  like cages. Finally we found a person that can talk a little bit english, and tried to explain him that we need postcard and stamp. Then he took us to the person we first talked 😀 I bought stamp of Gandhi. And then we went to the second floor again. But this time he opened the door (a differnet journey just in one building). Finally we found our postcard but it was plain, no pictures and with an on board stamp. It was weird but the best part was the price. He told us that it is 50 pesa. We looked at each other with Andrew and could not understand. Then the man explained that 2 postcard is only 1 rupee.. We really could not believe what we heard 😀 Though it was not fancy we bought 20 of them for 10 rupees and shared between us. (I asked Santi to draw smth for me i the stand up meeting 🙂 )

As usual we closed the day with the stand-up meetings. We discussed about the plans for next week, who is leaving when, what to buy as gift for the VSO team here etc. Then Stephen has explained that he resigned from IBM. Then Robert has given us very nice gifts: hand-held fans. It is like we are going to leave in 2 days.. It is so weird to be like a family in a very short time..


And tomorrow is the community day that I was looking forward to. We will go to a village and spend time with the peasants (discussing women empowerment, our countries, helping them with some physical activities..)

Every day is a different experience in India.


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alladola, 9th March 2018, Kanpur

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