Branding, IT, Logo, Community Service, Food..

Branding, IT, Logo, Community Service, Food..

I think these are the key words for today.

When we went to the client side, the first topic we discussed was the community service day we should do in the CSC project. We already agreed to do this in Shramik Bharti in first week but we could not agree on the details of the full day agenda until today. Mr. Rakesh has come up with the details today that we will have a session with women to talk about their daily life and women empowerment topic, and a physical activity. As we are 13 people, we wanted to do a physical activity to help them with any work where the women will do a men job and the men will do a women job, which we believe it will be a very good message for that village. I think we are aligned on the high level, now they are going to finalize the physical activity details. (Btw, I may come up with a text in Hindi and read them to the women by myself. That would be really nice, let’s see if I can make it.)

Then we passed to our real agenda: branding. We asked a marketing/branding help from Franz the previous day and thanks to him that he arranged his schedule to join us with our client. It was the first time that I had such a session. The way how he drove the discussion was also amazing both from his skills perspective and from the step by step methodological perspective. We started to talk about motivation, the product attributes, then benefits to customer and then the values. Then we places these ideas into the strategy that should be followed, how we map AICYA into that. And the best part was the Eataly peach example. The skin, the core and the eatable juicy part of the peach and the messages AICYA really needs to give to consumer. There were a few conflicts within the team itself if they should focus on the food that it is organic or the story that it comes from SHGs. Finally we agreed on a message, we discussed about the colors (green to mean nature, organic and farmer, red to mean women) and a figure to be used a female farmer. We concluded our session leaving the logo and branding decision to the AICYA team. Franz had to go back for his own project and we closed this session at this place agreeing on that this is a completed deliverable.

When we had a a kind of lunch break, we discussed about the logo. Natalia had a very good photo form the field visits last week and it was a lady in the green farming field with her reddish sari. We agreed on a logo very close to that, draw a few things and place a circle with two lines. All of us were happy about this idea. The only thing to do was to draw this.

And the final topic for the day was the “Demand/Suppy/Inventory Management” topics form the Design Thinking process. I really cant express how I was shocked because of the current process and the facts.. Ok, I can understand that it is a new business and they do not have a process in place. But the communication channels between the stakeholders, how the farmers can sell the products, where they are stored,  the supply channel, the decision path about the farmer that the product will be take, all different kinds of details… My mind was not accepting it, especially whenever I ask why or how, the answer was generally they cannot.. But gradually I understood the constraints too. After discussing these we agreed on Andreas’s and my approach with Jitindra. Still he requested us to come up with some excel templates.. I do want to help but I do not want to promise anything.. We will do a “thinking” session tomorrow with Andreas.

Again another effective day with a lot of things to do 🙂 I start to fell stressed again that we need to complete all these things and provide them a good plan.. We need time for that. So tomorrow and other day we will work in the hotel.

Before I jump to my last topic, I need to talk about the logo again. When we came back to hotel, we came together before the atdn-up meeting and Angela worked on the log on a paper. It was exactly what we were thinking !!! It was so good!! I just did a few small touches and the logo was there. I am pretty sure that AICYA team will love it. But it will be a surprise for them cause we did not commit anything about log and that’s why I do not want to share it here too. (I know I wrote it already but the drawing is with us at least 🙂 )


As we are close to the end of the project, we realized that we still have things to do in Kanpur. Thanks to Stephen that he found a very nice restaurant of Rajistan (both food and ambiance) and we had maybe the most delicious food in India. Btw, I don’t want hide that I was the person who decided the order, though I did not have too much idea about what I ordered.. only few things.. Still the team really liked it !!! Good job 😉


Tomorrow we need to produce a lot.. And I know we can make it as a team!!


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alladola, 6th March 2018, Kanpur

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