A new week and my new client

A new week and my new client

India.. It is full of surprises.. Any the same is CSC project 🙂

3rd week has just started.. I cant believe that we are in the half way and I have a new client, a new place to work.

The day started with an hour yoga session (thanks to Lisa that she organized it.) With the sunshine and fresher air (comparing the mid day).

In my first time at the client site, they welcomed me very warmly. Especially Sadhana. I really cannot express how this woman touches me..

We had a very effective way together with the team. First we started with a design thinking session, went through all the ideas we had, added a new one that Shramik Bharti team has thought to be added and we voted all the ideas with priorotiy and feasibility point of view. Mr Ganesh, Sadhana, Jitindra and Mr. Rakesh joined from the NGO side and we were 4 people from IBM side as well. This equality also created an environment fo see the ideas equally both from the NGO perspective and from an outsider.

The results were quite expected except a few things especially IT strategy which had no votes. 🙂 Still there were other items touching IT. We agreed on the top 4 deliverables to focus on and for the rest we will give recommendations as much as we can. It was a very useful session and our client was also very happy about our approach and the results. 🙂


Then the IT topic came: my favorite :)) As the team, we were in the impression that they do not have any plans but we found out that they have some plans ongoing and they already initiated a discussion with an IT company. I especially liked the IVR idea which will definitely work in villages where smart phones are not that common and most women do not know how to read and write. We got some notes and agreed that we will validate their IT approach and give recommendations about the application that they are thinking on.

After such an effective day, we agreed on tomorrow’s agenda and went back to hotel to complete the Executive summary base don our alignment on the SoW. We had quite a few “wow”s today in the stand-up meeting. But the best wow within the team was from Franz!! We announced a surprise: an Italian dinner !!!! 🙂 That was awesome. We really enjoyed our dinner..


The new day with a busy agenda is waiting us.


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alladola, 5th March 2018, Kanpur

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