A new team, a new project

A new team, a new project

So today I had my first time with my new team: Angela (from Canada), Andreas (from Australia) and Natalie (from Argentina). They are working with Shramik Bharti, which is a non-profit organization established in 1986. It aims to eradicate poverty with a particular emphasis on empowering women and disadvantaged communities. They are already working with more than 1300 SHG (Self help group) that reaches to 25000 women.

They mentioned about the current organization structure: SHGs, Federaiton, FPOs, AICYA company etc. And then instead of sharing all the details that they have done last 2 weeks, they started to discuss about the ideas that they want to use in the design thinking session that is planned on monday. While discussing these ideas, I got a lot insight about what are the missing things, how we can contribute them in the 42 or 47 SHGs that are growing organic products (wheat, corn, rice..) Then we have gone through the SWOT table and re-checked if e missed any points. Although I still need some time, it was a very good session. I need to search a bit demand/supply/inventory management and how to support them for the product traceability with an IT strategy. (of course IT 😀 )

On monday we will go to client side to do the design thinking session all together, On tuesday most probably Andreas and myself will go again to discuss about the IT side.. We will see.. This is a very interesting project.

We also discussed about the video that has been requested by the CSC organization. It is going to be used for the 8th March women day and they requested from the CSC alumni to record a max 2 mins video answering some questions. We shared the questions and we will get ready with some contents. I need to think about a story in CSC about women empowerment..

Then some of us decided to go to the cricket stadium which is around 1km far from here. While we were waiting some of the team in the lobby, we met Mr Lewis who is the manager of the hotel and he just made a call of the president of the cricket team to open the stadium’s door for us.. It is like everything is possible in India. And when we arrived, they opened the doors for us and took us to the field. We were on the field !! In a corner, a player was practicing. We also saw two players (they were in Australia recently for the games and they were the winners) and they were doing interviews. It was the fist time that I went to a cricket stadium, that I saw a cricket ball.

After this tour, I had a quick tour with some others to go to the local bazaar and we bought a few pasminas. There was a very nice lady in the bazaar, thatbi can say she walked whole bazaar with us, then she disappeared, and afte 5-10 mins she came to the store we were and asked for a picture 🙂 and while we were going out, she came next to us again, to say good bye. She was so pretty. I also took a selfie with her.

In the local bazaar they sell a lot of jewelerries too, of course colorful and shiny. They are not rea gold/silver but they look very nice. We passed by the mall. I wanted to but some postcards and send to my friends in Turkey, but I could not find. They said I need to go to the post office, they have both postcards and stamps. I will try on monday most probably.

In 7pm stand-up meeting, the new members of each team explained what has happened, what is the project status etc.  It seems each team needed a man power and each of use form the CGanga project will be useful..

So tomorrow.. It is another long day. In the morning we will have a half-day city tour that Reuben and Stephen has arranged with Mr Lewis. And in the evening a person (unfortunately I forgot his name) will come from Shramik Bharti organization to talk about Gandhi.. It will be a good seminar I think. I want to read about him a bit now 🙂


Btw, we are in the half way!! I cant believe it . 2 weeks done,  2 weeks to go. with new surprises..


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alladola, 3rd March 2018, Kanpur


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