Happy Holiiii :)

Happy Holiiii :)

Today is the Holi in India, festival of colors. It is a Hindu spring festival celebrated all across India. It signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and it is a day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

We have seen the colorful pictures of the holi long back and asked how we are going to celebrate the holi at the first meeting with VSO, and since then they are saying that it is not safe, it is crowded, the people can use dangerous things on us etc etc and they don’t let us go out of the hotel for holi. Thankfully, they arranged a holi celebration for us in the hotel at 11 AM πŸ™‚ Until that time, together with Tamara and Robert, we woke up early and worked on the project even if it was not clear if this project is going to be cancelled or not. We got prepared for a design thinking session, wrote our ideas on stickers individually and grouped them to place in the impact/feasibility chart. We also updated our executive summary document and agreed on the next few days plan. It was an effective 3 hours.

Then the holi celebration time came, we all went downstairs with our white shirts. I also took the colors I bought from the super market yesterday. So it was full of different colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, green, orange….we threw the powder on us, on our head, we painted each others faces colorfully. with wichever color we wanted. Everybody was full of different colors πŸ™‚ There were some other guests in the hotel and as we understood they went outside and their faces were all dark. When they tried to wash it, it did not go out. They were like smurfs πŸ˜€ We undertood why VSO insisted on to stay within the hotel borders.. After around 2 hours the party was over and some of us (starting from me) jumped into the pool to get rid of the colors πŸ˜€ It was sooo fun.

Then we met at 4 PM for our mini triathlon activity. Unfortunately most of the team was a bit sick, so a few of us has joined. some swam, some run or cycled in the gym. It was also ok.

And finally the day ended with the Canadian party. On the 9th floor of the building, there is a place where they have billard, bowling, air hockey etc. Because of holi, it was a “dry day”: no alcohol. But our Canadian friends (Angela and Lisa) has arranged to use paper cups for our beers :)) I played billard for the second time in my life. I think I was lucky that I managed to shot good a few times.. I think I want to learn it more. They also gave Canadian flag pins to all of us as a memory and we day was over with a Canadian cake πŸ™‚

While we were in the party, we received an email from Jamie that our CGanga project is cancelled. And we were distributed to the other teams.. Myself to Sharmik Barti team, Robert to AWARD team and Tamara to Jal Nigam team. I do not have any issues about the teams, we are all friends and I am ok with any decision but the communication was a bit disappointing that at least 3 of us should have been informed maybe in a call why it happened, how they distribute us etc. Anyway..

Next day. a new teeam, a new project, and new things to do..

Since beginning I write, this is a different experience and each day makes it clear that it is a totally different one.


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alladola, 2nd March 2018, Kanpur

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