Finally we had our meeting but…

Finally we had our meeting but…

Finally our meeting with Dr. Tare is confirmed and we got ready to go to IIT Kanpur earlier, to work on the final list of questions. We went to the library. We were curious about it as we have been told that it is the 2nd or 3rd biggest library in Asia. I do not know if it was true but it was a big one.

20-25 mins before the meeting we started our way to the Lab and met Mr Rakesh. e arranged the room that we would have the meeting and Robert opened the meeting. At first we had some technical issues, but it was not the bad part of the meeting. Kavneet shared the output of IBM meeting with DR. Tare that IBM will not sign this letter. Then Dr. Tare told Kavenet that there are two topics: 1. Data confidentiality which is already out of scope cause we do not use confidential data and can be removed from the MOU. 2. IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) to stay in Kanpur. It was new to Kavneet and Thomas. Kavneet promised to check this with VSO UK office. Meanwhile Dr. Tare told that we can use dummy data but he will not think that it will be valuable. After this part, we continued to talk to Dr. Tare to get more insight about the project, its deliverables, how it can impact the community, what about the publicly available data, how the data is validated etc etc. It was a useful session for us. We also asked some contact from government side so that we can get the requirements from their side  too and arranged a meeting on monday. Also with Dr. Tare.

Then we stopped by the mall and let the driver go to his home for holi. At the mall we bought powder colors to use for tomorrow to celebrate holi 🙂

we had a quick meeting with Thomas when we came back to hotel. In that call, Thomas mentioned that we are going to wait until the end of tomorrow to take the decision “go” or “no go” and asked us if we would be comfortable to be distributed to the other teams. We all shared our opinions and concerns about the project. We were all ok for the subteams to be re-arranged.

In our 7 pm stand-up meeting, we mentioned all the updates to the other teams that we still wait. The good thing was like we 3 were still smiling. After the meeting, Lisa’s team’s client came to hotel to celebrate holi 🙂 They bring a small cup of red color and they painted our faces with that. Soni also prepared some Indian traditional cookies, they were delicious. It was very kind of them to visit us in the hotel 🙂

At late night we received an email from Jamie, telling that the subteam re-arrangement will happen. I was a bit shocked cause Thomas told us that this decision will be take on friday.. But maybe there are things we do not know..


Anyway, tomorrow is friday, holi. We have a holi celebration planned at 11, a mini triathlon within our CSC team at 4 PM and a Canadian party at 7:30 PM :)) It is a full day. And as CGange subteam we are going to meet at 8:30 AM to work on design thinking, update of the executive summary and the next steps.


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alladola, 1st March 2018, Kanpur

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