Still the things are not clear

Still the things are not clear

Today had some good and some bad things..  and also funny one..

I will start with good things:

  • In the morning we met Kavneet and had a call with Thomas to talk about our concerns and they told us that the work we have done up to now is really good.. After hearing that we were a bit shocked cause we do believe that we still could not tart anything but it was good to hear that 🙂
  • We went to a bank of Ganga together with Siddhant and did some interviews with local people. It was a totally different environment. Maybe we did around 10-15 interviews but I think we talked with around 100 people. When you start to talk , a lot of people comes and watches you, sometimes interrupts and shares their idea too 🙂 (there was a man who was trying to complain about the sewage that is going to the river directly..) We were able to reach to people with the age range of 7-60. The kids were able to speak english so so, but the other people were not. We also met a person who was working for the Namami (CGanga) project to clean the waste from the surface of the river, and he said there is a technical issue with the machine. And it is only one machine for the full Kanpur..
    The good thing was, the people were all aware of that Ganga river is polluted, and at least they are sensitive enough not to throw their waste into Ganga and they warn the people who does it.

The bad things are:

  • The interviews we did crated an impression on me (it is my personal comment) that the community is not really interested in having a dashboard to see the Ganga River status. They just want to know that the river is cleaned and the project status. As a team we were trying to find the value of this project for the community and for this reason we wanted to do the interviews.. We will continue with students..
  • In the meeting with Kavneet and Thomas, we talked about the data confidentiality. Thomas told us the output of the meeting that happened in US yesterday and it is a no. So neither IBM nor IBMers will sign that IPR letter. (At least it is concluded)
  • The meeting scheduled to 1 PM today did not happen. This meeting has never been confirmed by Dr. Tare actually. And as he is traveling, it is postponed to tomorrow. Hopefully this time the meeting will be hold.
    First we will talk about this data topic. Then if the answer is positive, then we will need Dr. Tare to understand the real requirement of the project cause according to SoW, only government is mentioned as a stakeholder. and I personally feel that this is a tech consultancy project. We do have a lot of different levels of questions, nobody except Dr. Tare can answer. We will list these questions tomorrow morning

And the funny thing 🙂

  • While we were walking through the street for the interviews, we saw a very small place which was a school. Of course I jumped and told Siddhant that we want to see this place. When we entered the garden (maybe 5×3 meters of garden), we saw that the kids were playing with the colors. Normally the Holy will start tomorrow on wards but those students started to celebrate it earlier. I was already looking forward to play with the colors for Holy. And I told them I want to have it on my face too. As soon as I said that there were 10 students walking towards me to cover me with colors 😀 And I said only one please 😀 I had a white tshirt. And that little lady walked towards me with two hands to have my face fully covered with pink 😀 I hold her one hand and we painted one of my cheeks.. I felt like I am in the Lego tournaments (FLL – First Lego League in Turkey).. So holy has started for me…

At 7, we had our stand-up meeting. Kavneet talked about our community service day on 10th March and what are the options we have to do in one of the the filed of the Shramik Bharti NGO. Education, physical activity, sharing experience. There are different options and we liked some of them. We need to plan this in detail.. In addition to that, she mentioned about the final presentations and how they are going to be organized. We will have 2 hours meeting with client on their site and also 15 mins presentation in the wrap up meeting where all stakeholders of all teams will come. I do not know what we will present on 2 hours :/ Also, in that meeting when we were talking about our team’s updates / helps, I realized that we are not in sync as a team. After the stand-up meeting finished, we gathered as a team and I shared my two concerns. We finally agreed how we are going to manage this project -depending on tomorrow’s meeting output -. Being a team with different backgrounds, working culture and personality in a few days is really not easy. And we are also a bit late in terms of being a team because of other issues.. Still I feel and I see that we started to work as a team since tuesday morning, which is a very important step for us 🙂

So, we look fwd to conclude this data discussion to plan the further steps or take a different action..

Hoping that tomorrow will be good.


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alladola, 28th Feb 2018, Kanpur

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