It was a wavy day

It was a wavy day

This week thursday an d friday is holiday in India, so we have only 3 working days cause most of the places are closed and people will spend time with their families. This means that we have only 3 days to work with our clients and monday has already gone.

I was a bit tired today and not in the mood. maybe this also has the impact on this wavy day. We reviewed the presentation as a team , and send an email to Dr. Tare including the interview and our meeting request. After that we went to one of the Ganga river bank to see the river closer. It was really dirty, all the wastes were in the river and we met a person who was trying to clean it but without any equipment, using two plastic plaque like his hands 🙁

Then we came back and continued our discussion about interviews, how we should collect data as an input, who we should reach, what are the areas we need to focus in the meeting with Dr. Tare etc. Meanwhile we also tlake dabout design thinking, if ew should apply, how we can do it etc. But none of us was the expert on it, even I haven’t used it before. So we kindly requested Wayne to explain us the logic and different methodologies about design thinking. It was very useful. and in the end we decided to gather as much information as we can from interviews and public input in the sample use case, government / local officers to understand what kind of information they need from CGanga project and also agencies, how they collect data.  According to our results we may need a design thinking workshop or not. We will decide in a few days.

Meanwhile we were checking the meeting conformation with Mr. Rakesh cause it was a kind of milestone for us to proceed according to what we have planned, and extend the details of the sample use case. An hour before the meeting Robert decided to go to IIT Kanpur and before he leaves he told me that the data confidentiality issue still exists, IBM and CGanga still could not solve it and Dr. Tare does not see any value if we use dummy / agency data.. IBM will have a meeting today in US times and we will see if we can get data or not, but this was too disappointing. Assume that there will be no agreement between IBM and CGanga and ther will be no community impact ?? I was upset and take a break. Then we also learned that Dr. Tare is traveling and he is not available for a meeting.. It was like a second shock and we decided to wait until Robert comes back.

He came back at the stand-up meeting. time, we shared the status with the team, and as expected they were very supportive with different ideas. After the stand-up meeting, we did not join the team for a bazaar tour or dinner but we stayed in the room to learn from Robert more. We clarified the reason of the data confidentiality, how the data is analysed and why CGanga’s data should be used but not agencies.. Some of the things that Robert mentioned did not make any sense to me, and as a usual Hasibe (people knows me) I was overhasty again and out of control 😀 (I talked to Robert after that, cause I felt bad even my reaction was not to him or was not personal). Mr Rakesh and Chiranjib was also ok with the sample use case.. Very nice.. In the end we will have a meeting tomorrow at 1 PM with Dr Tare to clarify the ambiguous pints, ask some contacts form government etc. We will also get his opinion about the sample use case and using dummy data too. I do hope that there will not be any issues cause Dr. Tare will have a travel after 2 hours. We updated the presentation with the questions/topics we want to cover with him, so that we have a clear agenda.

We also scheduled our interview with the people in the stores around the hotel tomorrow before our meeting, so that we can use this as an input too. We are both very excited to spend some time with local people and learn more about India and its culture.After this plan, I started to feel better, better than last couple of hours.

Ah, btw, we also try to plan the weekend too. VSO is too cautious about the holy and we will be locked in the hotel on thursday and friday. They say it is too dangerous for us to be out. So the plan is Friday night go to bowling which is in the same building, Saturday night movei in the mall (Pink Panther) and sunday the public park and maybe a kind of picnique. Meanwhile the other teams received some invites for the holdy to celebrate with them but they had to reply as no. I’m really curious why this holy is that dangerous. We will see in a few days..


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alladola, 27th Feb 2018, Kanput

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