2nd week starts..

2nd week starts..

After a wonderful Agra trip, the week started with at the hotel. We spent the whole day about discussing th project plan, next steps, how we can increase the community impact of our project, creating a questionnaire for public interview, some technical investigation (IIB, google map apis. tableau etc.). It was a very useful day.. And the best part was that Tamara’s health got better, she clarified the issues and decided to stay and share her expertise in this project. So we are a team now !


In the evening we went to the local bazaar with team number X (the team numbers keep changing in different lists). It is just 4-5 mins far on foot. Lisa took us to the place where she got her colorful pasminas very cheap. Of course the quality is not as good as the ones we bought in Agra, but they were very colorful and nice. And these cows are all around, even in the middle of a very tiny bazaar street, that makes the road very easy to cross :))

Then we went to the mall to buy a few things and we also tried the Indian local clothes, not sari but kurta. They are very colorful, really bright colors. It was a very different feeling. I need to try a few times more to get used to. And Sadhana has promised me to take us to a place to buy clothes. I am waiting for it.

We had our stand-up meeting as usual. Almost all teams asked for help and there will be a lot of interaction between the teams about sales, marketing strategies, design thinking process etc etc.

I had to work on the sample use case and create a presentation to send to Dr. Tare, so that we can request a meeting to go through it, ask his opinion and talk about our approach for data collection. Though the views are not that fancy, at least it is a starting point. Tomorrow is a critical day..


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alladola, 26th Feb 2018, Kanpur

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