A few more meetings in IIT Kanpur

A few more meetings in IIT Kanpur

Today we had a few meetings with our client at IIT Kanpur. Our driver’s car had some issues and we changed the driver who does not know anything about English except thank you and hello πŸ™‚
While we were searching for the western Lab, we met Mr. Rakesh and he took us to our first stop: Computer Science Department. We met Dr. Prabhakar (this is his surname, his real name is so difficult even for Indians that they use the initials which is T.V. πŸ™‚ ) there. He was a very nice person, who spent his last 30 years in academy. He may look old but he knows the newest technologies, he works with his students. They have around 1000 computer engineers (bachelor, master, phd) We discussed about the gangapedia.in web site, current IT infrastructure, if it can be used for CGanga project etc.. We learned some new information about our prject which was never told to us.. Systems, new pages, the technologies used etc.. Unfortunately Dr. T.V. does not support this project anymore. In IIT, they have different models for projects, which is understandable. Then he called another engineer / technichan: a woman!!! Meetha Bagga. She told us about the gangapedia.in, cganga.org etc. She also took us a quick tour in the Computer Science Department, they have HPC (high performance computers), private clouds in 2 small data centers. We invited her to our final presentations that will happen in 14th/15th March and went to the next building, which is Computer Center. This place has 3 big data centers (maybe even bigger than my client has) that are used for all faculties and projects. After understanding that these DCs can be used to facilitate a new system for our project (in case it is required to build), we went back to the Lab, and had a skype meeting with Nitin, who is a graduate from IIT Kanpur. He is the responsible person for the IT of CGnaga project and maintains the cganga.org. He told us about cganga.org, current IT information, what is his role and hiw view about the project as well. It was a very informative session with him.

The next meeting was with Chiranjib, but before that we wanted to have a quick break and wandered around the campus. The previous time, Kavneet has mentioned about the canteen, and we found that place. It was sooooo cheap. Especially when we saw the price of “nan” we were shocked. We payed 125 rupees + taxes for 2 nans in the hotel. And in this canteen it was only 8 rupees! We ordered nan, cause we did not really want to eat anything else. Of course the cashier was looking at us strangely because of “only nan order” but we were three foreigners coming from China, US and Turkey. We waited a bit but nan was perfect of course.

When we went back to the lab, Tamara mentioned that she had to go back to hotel, so we took her to the taxi and tried to tell the driver that he has to come back after taking her to hotel. I was thinking that the body language we used was clear enough but we would find out that it was not πŸ˜€

Then we met with Chiranjib and discussed about the current research process, go through our understanding that I put in a diagram, try to understand the pain points, not to solve all but at least to come up with ideas. Then we also talked about the views, what we can put as a dashboard, what the people will want to see etc.. It was a very good session too. And finally we were ready for our last meeting at 4 pm, with Thomas, Kavneet, Praveen. They wanted to let us know that the permission for the data is stuck, IIT Kanpur asks IBM to sign a paper for the data confidentiality, but we have an agreement between VSO and IBM that VSO is responsible for everything. But it did not work out. So we agreed that we will only use the water quality data which does not include any confidential data, but not the water quantity. If they still say no, then we agreed that we will produce dummy data. We are still waiting..

It was around 4:30 that we were ready to go back but our taxi driver was not there. It was very clear that he did not understand anything. We called Deepti form VSO and asked her help to arrange it. After 30 mins, the driver came with a big smile in his face, saying hotel ? hotel ? πŸ˜€ I regret that using google translator did not come to my mind πŸ™‚ Next time..

(When our driver came I noticed that the wing mirrors are closed, it is the same for almost all cars in india, they dont need to look to left or right side, they just change the lanes..)

But while waiting and on our way, we discussed many things with Robert. Communism, most Chinese people does not have any right to vote, and generally they do not ask too. No religion but believing in Communism (of course they have Buddhists, Jews, Christians), life in China.. many different things. And I learned my first Chinese word: “Zao Shang Hao” which means Good morning. It is a very very different pronunciation, and a way of opening your mouth for o or a. And the symbols are also very weird too. I think I am not that impressed πŸ˜€

After coming back to hotel, we went out together with Robert and walked through the local bazaar, some streets randomly.. We saw a bookstore but it was not a real one, only a stationery πŸ™‚

after some time we came back to hotel for our meeting at 7. Unfortunately one of the teams could not join, still it was a very good session, everybody shared what they did, what kind of help they need etc. And I opened the topic of Tamara cause she was suffering her health. And we agreed that she has to speak to Jamie. After the meeting I went to her room and told her that we do support her and recommend her to talk to Jamie, so that she can see her options.

It was a long but a very effective day, we still need to complete our executive summary and presentation to send to Dr. Tare to confirm our understanding and project deliverables. To be done tomorrow early morning. And we planned a visit to Waste Water Treatment Institute.. Tomorrow will be a different day for us. Cause the other teams did a few field trips and they spent some time with the community, for us it was like we are isolated. IIT Kanpur is a very calm, secure place that is a totally different world. Looking fwd to that..

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alladola, 22nd Feb 2018, Kanpur

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