Working on the collected data

Working on the collected data

Today was a calmer day comparing to the last few days. As a team we met in the morning in the hotel meeting room and after doing a quick plan about the tasks and deliverables for the next 4 weeks, we started to work on the data that we collected until this time. What are the current business flows, what are the things that we can add with the CSC project, the pain points of the client, what are the areas we can focus and come up with solutions and the rest that we can provide recommendations or roadmap etc. It was a very good brainstorming session. But of course as we discussed more, we found a lot more to ask.. We worked on the notes, papers, white board, then in the evening I transferred these details into diagrams and ppt doc, and added a few more details with Robert. The challenging thing is we are still not %100 clear aout the project deliverables and we need to write them down and get ready for a meeting with Dr. Vinod on friday.

We supposed to have a meeting with Dr. Prabakar today, but it is scheduled to tomorrow. At least, tomorrow will be a full day, starting with Dr. Prabakar, then Mr. Nitin and then Chiranjib. We will talk about the current IT system, what are the capabilities, what are the developments performed until now etc. And then we will talk with Chiranjib about how the data should be visualized.

Around 6:30pm we were three team talking about the day, sharing information or asking support. Then Stephen came up with the idea of having 30 mins quick “Agile” meetings to mention the “wows” and the “bads” of the day. It was a very good idea to understand more about the other projects. As it was the first day, it lasted an hour 🙂 Still it was a very good session, Stephen, Reuben, Wayne has shared some idea about the dashboard topic, which will definitely help us.

We will check IBM Watson Analytics, Google Analytics, Domo, Tableau.. Robert showed us a bit about Tableau, and I really liked this tool, seems easy to use.  I had a look the capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics, it is a very strong tool too but like any other tool, it depends on the quality of the data, where we have a lot of challenges.

Hoping that tomorrow will give more clarification. We’ll see..

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alladola, 21st Feb 2018, Kanpur


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