At IIT Kanpur

At IIT Kanpur

In the morning I had a look to the news papers cause VSO team told us that it will be on the local newspapers, but I could not see anything. AS soon as I went downstairs to meet the team, I asked the same to Thomas and Kavneet and learnt that it is mentioned in the newspaper 🙂 “IBM experts to track Ganga pollution” Wow!! So produ!!

Today we went to the IIT Kanpur Campus for the first time. After yesterday night’s change, the meeting has been scheduled to 10:30 and wWith Mr Thomas from IBM, Tamara, Robert and myself took our “dedicated” taxi  (for safety reasons every team has its own taxi and driver that is dedicated between 9am to 9pm) and went to IIT Kanpur. It is about 10-12 kms away and takes 20-25 mins.

The campus is a very big area, with a lot of faculties, sport areas, markets, residences for the lecturers. Almost everybody was using bike in the campus, everywhere was full of parked bikes. It was a bit difficult to find the lab where Dr. Vinod and Mr. Rakesh works. After getting some help from different people, finally we found the location.. (footnote: for the last few days, we introduced each other a lot of times and I kept on saying that I am from Turkey but I am coming from UAE. Today in IIT Kanpur, the person who was taking us to the correct lab was a bit surprised to see foreign people around and asked where we are coming from and I did not bother to say that I am coming from UAE directly.. As we have a saying in Turkish, is UAE my home cause I earn there, eat there and live there?.. don’t know..)







We met Mr Rakesh and with Chiranjib in Dr Vinod’s room and started to talk about the CGanga (Center for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies) project, its mission, about the India and CGanga project hierarchy, who is responsible for what, and who is reporting to whom etc, just to have an understanding of the organization. Cause neither Chiranjib nor Mr Rakesh wanted to confirm any information without talking to Mr Vinod and he was in Amsterdam. We discussed a lot of different things about water pollution, water quality, drinkable/ beatable water, religious aspects etc etc. And at around 1pm we could have our first touch with Mr Vinod through a voice call. He gave us some information and guided his team to share a few example data to discuss further.

Then, we met two women students: Shweta and Kalyani, who are working directly with Dr. Vinod for their master degree. I felt very proud of them. They told us about the raw data that they gather and use in their researches, and they were so patient to answer our silly questions cause water / quality / quantity / chemical or biological parameters were totally new to us. There are 70 stations on the Ganga river and they get the data from different agencies: CWC (Central Water Commission) and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board). But as expected the data quality was poor like water quality: the data template, parameters may change station to station.. Also when it comes to standards though they are using EPA (European Pollution Agency) or CPCB standards for each parameters limit (that is divided into Class A / B / C), each station may have additional parameters to be used because of its geographical situation !!!! After talking and talking and talking, we understood that it’s not going to be easy at all. We have to have a very flexible solution that these people can set the variables to decide on the water drink-ability / beat-ability / quantity etc.

Around 3 PM, we had a skype call with Dr. Vinod this time. Finally we met him. We asked him a few more questions about his expectations, confirmation of our understanding up to this time.  He mentioned a lot of different requirements as well, charts, maps, color coded information, forecasting, bio-diversity, hydro-logical data etc etc.. And in order to have a successful project, we agreed to document and align our understanding of the requirements and the project outcomes for the 3,5 weeks duration until friday. We also learned that Dr. Prabakar from the Computer Engineering department also works on a very similar project about dashboard and this department has developed the and Hopefully tomorrow we will meet him (waiting a confirmation from Mr Rakesh) so that we can see if we can use of this environment.


So we called today as a day ! and came back to hotel. Tomorrow we will work on the data that has been showed to us and also the standards. We need to read and search a lot 🙂


Today, I also did a change today and went to the mall (which is 5 mins away on foot). I wanted to meet the team there but somehow my phone did not work, so I went alone. Did a quick shopping and came back. While on my way I took the below video to show how crowded and noisy is Kanpur..

We are getting more details and I believe that we need to have a very clear scope otherwise there is no end in the data to be shown and the the way to show. We will see it soon..

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