We are in Lucknow

We are in Lucknow

I had a very short sleep again, only 3 hours and I woke up around 4:15 to get ready. We met in the lobby at 5 AM to catch our flight at 7.   (poor Santiago that he arrived New Delhi around 1 AM after ~40 hours travel from Argentina and started another one)

Fortunately, the flight was short, just about 50 minutes with a very weird breakfast: water, juice and two cookies 🙂 When we landed we met with the rest of the VSO team too: Anju, who helped us a lot with all the necessary information and arrangements, Kavneet who support us with the information about our SoWs and Praveen who is the representative of VSO organization. We took the taxis and after 20 minutes we arrived our hotel: such a lovely and comfortable one. As everybody was hungry and the rooms ere note ready, we rushed to the restaurant, and with a coffee I came to myself.

And at around 11, the VSO orientation has started with “Getting to know each other introductions and sharing” session. First we assumed that the floor is a world map and we stand in the location of our countries and mentioned about the favourite things. Then we talked about our CSC journey in 3-5 minutes. All of us had our own unique journey that ended up with the CSC project, and hearing these stories made me understand more about how IBM CSC board cares about the CSC applications and this one month will definitely be a lifetime experience.

Then VSO team mentioned about India, about its politics, social context, religions and development in India, to learn more about the place that we are going to stay. We had group activity about safety and health in India to remember what we need to do and we should not do. Then the most interesting and striking topic was covered: “Gender and Development”. Kavneet mentioned about the culture, what is the perception of Indians about women, how government tired to change this perception, and a lot of dramatic statistics. She also read a poem, when I get the details of this poem, I will share it too, cause it was telling a lot. Then, we had a group activity again about why women empowerment is important and what we – as a CSC team -can do to support this. We were divided into 4 groups and the ideas were amazing.. I can comfortably say on behalf of my friends as well that the more we learn about India, the more we understand that our mission is critical and important than what we used to think.

Before closing the session, we watched a movie #likeagirl.. You definitely need to watch it.

And now we are ready to start the orientation with our clients.. Tomorrow we will travel to Kanpur and it will be another loong day that we will meet with client representatives, introduce ourselves, try to establish trust and learn about our projects more.

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alladola, 18th Feb 2018, Lucknow

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