Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome All,

alladola.com is a website that I am going to share my experiences in different areas. The name alladola has a very interesting story behind, you can find the details in the “story of alladola” link.

I hope you will like my sharings and we will share then learn all together.

And these are the latest posts 🙂

A great day in Kanpur
I cant believe, the first week of our CSC journey is about to end. In the morning we had a
A few more meetings in IIT Kanpur
Today we had a few meetings with our client at IIT Kanpur. Our driver’s car had some issues and we
Working on the collected data
Today was a calmer day comparing to the last few days. As a team we met in the morning in
At IIT Kanpur
In the morning I had a look to the news papers cause VSO team told us that it will be
First meeting with our clients
Wow.. What a wonderful day it was !! We started our way form Lucknow to Kanpur by car.. It was
We are in Lucknow
I had a very short sleep again, only 3 hours and I woke up around 4:15 to get ready. We
First Day in New Delhi
In the afternoon of 16th Feb, I took the flight and safely arrived to New Delhi.. Such a huge city
Meet IBM CSC India 37 Team
Meet IBM CSC India 37 Team here, we are coming all around the world: Reuben Bettle – Australia Lisa Canham
And the CSC journey begins
IBM Corporate Services Corps (CSC) is a very important initiative in IBM. It helps to address the different challenges in
Spring Lake Cottage Puzzle
I haven’t been doing puzzles for a long time. I brought this 3000 pieces puzzle to Abu Dhabi from Turkey