Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome All,

alladola.com is a website that I am going to share my experiences in different areas. The name alladola has a very interesting story behind, you can find the details in the “story of alladola” link.

I hope you will like my sharings and we will share then learn all together.

And these are the latest posts 🙂

Hope in India
The population in India is soo much, 1.3 billion people, and no control program like China is being implemented. (I
Is it the end of 3rd week ?
The third week has ended too.. Time flies..  Today started with yoga again 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ And after working on our presentation,
Branding, IT, Logo, Community Service, Food..
I think these are the key words for today. When we went to the client side, the first topic we
A new week and my new client
India.. It is full of surprises.. Any the same is CSC project 🙂 3rd week has just started.. I cant
A new team, a new project
So today I had my first time with my new team: Angela (from Canada), Andreas (from Australia) and Natalie (from
Happy Holiiii 🙂
Today is the Holi in India, festival of colors. It is a Hindu spring festival celebrated all across India. It
Finally we had our meeting but…
Finally our meeting with Dr. Tare is confirmed and we got ready to go to IIT Kanpur earlier, to work
Still the things are not clear
Today had some good and some bad things..  and also funny one.. I will start with good things: In the
It was a wavy day
This week thursday an d friday is holiday in India, so we have only 3 working days cause most of
2nd week starts..
After a wonderful Agra trip, the week started with at the hotel. We spent the whole day about discussing th