Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome All,

alladola.com is a website that I am going to share my experiences in different areas. The name alladola has a very interesting story behind, you can find the details in the “story of alladola” link.

I hope you will like my sharings and we will share then learn all together.

And these are the latest posts 🙂

Abu Dhabi Special Olympics World Games 2019
Volunteering has been an important value in my life since 2011, when I met the Science Heroes Association and FIRST.
Water in the Desert: A Zayed Legacy
This is a contemporary youth opera for celebrating the year of Zayed. But don’t think that “Opera ?? Boring…” This
IBM Architectural Thinking Class in Abu Dhabi
In IBM, we have 3 main career paths: Project Manager, IT Specialist and IT Architect. For each path, there are
Back to Abu Dhabi
The second part of the agile Varanasi has started very early: 5:30 AM. Before we left the hotel I did
Agile Varanasi
We start the day very early but wasted around 1:30 hours waiting for our driver to Varanasi. The disappointment continued
Last 4 in Kanpur
In the morning 9 of us has left Kanpur. It was very emotional, like leaving friends that we have known
The last day with the whole team
and yes, we came to the last day.. We were both very proud because of the achievement, but though we
What a day!!!!
Yes, it was such a day!! With interesting discussions, being excited about the meeting and the reactions we will get
We are ready for final presentation
It is the last day before our final presentation, and there are a few things missing. First we have gone
Almost there
The last two days passed working on the presentation content, document creation, excel “system”, video, pictures, IBM deliverables, a quick