Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome to Alladola !!

Welcome All,

alladola.com is a website that I am going to share my experiences in different areas. The name alladola has a very interesting story behind, you can find the details in the “story of alladola” link.

I hope you will like my sharings and we will share then learn all together.

And these are the latest posts 🙂

Pollinating my indoor growing tomatoes 🙂
Let me start with a funny story.. I think in 2016 I’ve grown a pumpkin with one single pumpkin seed.
River Liffey and Phoenix Park together
This time I wanted to try another thing! 🙂 I started my walking along the River Liffey and then went
Further into Phoenix Park
During this week, I went out for a walk in the Irish National War Memorial Park, it’s a little bit
A sunny and an empty day in Dublin
Today normally I was planning to go for a walk in Phoenix park with one of my colleagues and go
Yet another route in Phoenix Park
I’ve been going out for a walk / cycle every day since the “Work from home” announcement in IBM and
Along the River Liffey
I don’t know how I will remember these Coronavirus days few year later.. We hear the same everywhere, stay at
What an amazing sunset !!!
The National War Memorial Garden is just next to my apartment – like Phoenix Park 🙂 – and I heard
Back to planting 🍅
It’s been couple of years that I couldn’t plant anything in Abu Dhabi / Dubai.. The weather in Dublin is
Finally I got my bike!
One of the first things I noticed in Ireland was the big amount of people cycling and almost all the
Hansel & Gratel
Two hungry children lost in a haunted forest.….. I used to love the story of Hansel & Gratel when I