Walking Routes

Walking Routes

I do like walking and like it more when I do it regularly. To me it’s like a meditation. I think I like doing active meditation :))

In Dublin, I live in an apt very close to Phoenix park and Memorial Park. I’ll discover different walking routes and will post them here 🙂

Deers are everywhere
Today is Easter resurrection of Jesus in Christianity.. My Italian friend celebrated my Easter with a wish for rebirth of
Wild Forest Phoenix Park🦌
What a lovely sunny Saturday it was.. I decided to walk a little bit longer and in different places today..
River Liffey and Phoenix Park together
This time I wanted to try another thing! 🙂 I started my walking along the River Liffey and then went
Further into Phoenix Park
During this week, I went out for a walk in the Irish National War Memorial Park, it’s a little bit
A sunny and an empty day in Dublin
Today normally I was planning to go for a walk in Phoenix park with one of my colleagues and go
Yet another route in Phoenix Park
I’ve been going out for a walk / cycle every day since the “Work from home” announcement in IBM and
Along the River Liffey
I don’t know how I will remember these Coronavirus days few year later.. We hear the same everywhere, stay at
What an amazing sunset !!!
The National War Memorial Garden is just next to my apartment – like Phoenix Park 🙂 – and I heard
Unplanned walking @Phoenix
You know sometimes you just walk and decide spontaneously where to turn, which path to choose. I especially enjoy to
Deeper in the Phoenix Park
Last week i discovered a nice path in the Phoenix park and this time I walked more to see more..

30 Nov 2019

I extend the circle every time.. This was again a bit inclined, then through the main road, I walked on the dirt road.
– 45 mins

24 Nov 2019

This is a big circle this time. a bit inclined at the beginning and also muddy 🙂
– 32 mins

23 Nov 2019

I was planning to walk around the lake 🙂 but I didn’t notice that it is part of the zoo.. so I walked a bit and came back.
– 43 mins on the road

20 Nov 2019

This is a short walking route in Phoenix park (first time walking there)
– 29 mins on the road