Walking Routes

Walking Routes

I do like walking and like it more when I do it regularly. To me it’s like a meditation. I think I like doing active meditation :))

In Dublin, I live in an apt very close to Phoenix park and Memorial Park. I’ll discover different walking routes and will post them here 🙂

Unplanned walking @Phoenix
You know sometimes you just walk and decide spontaneously where to turn, which path to choose. I especially enjoy to
Deeper in the Phoenix Park
Last week i discovered a nice path in the Phoenix park and this time I walked more to see more..
It’s cold but sunny!
It’s been almost a month that i was away from Dublin. And I look forward to the weekend and go
A sunny saturday morning in december
And of course it’s a golden opportunity to walk. It is cold, that’s true, but you don’t see sun in
Another route in Phoenix Park
This Friday, I had a look at the weather forecast and saw that Saturday will have some sun, but Sunday

30 Nov 2019

I extend the circle every time.. This was again a bit inclined, then through the main road, I walked on the dirt road.
– 45 mins

24 Nov 2019

This is a big circle this time. a bit inclined at the beginning and also muddy 🙂
– 32 mins

23 Nov 2019

I was planning to walk around the lake 🙂 but I didn’t notice that it is part of the zoo.. so I walked a bit and came back.
– 43 mins on the road

20 Nov 2019

This is a short walking route in Phoenix park (first time walking there)
– 29 mins on the road